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Monday, December 21, 2009

Authentic Management Notes

Free Management Notes for All Management Courses: MBA, MMS, MPM, MMM, BBA, DBM etc

Given below are the web site links (URLs) of the notes on various topics in general management, marketing management, operations management, finance management, human resources management, systems management, pesonality improvement, interviews preparation, general knowledge etc.

The topics are listed in an alphabetic order.

(Home Pages for Brief Introduction to All the Business Management Topics) and

Notes on Topics Starting with Numbers

(5S Housekeeping)

(5S Housekeeping at Home: Home Management)

Notes on Topics Starting with Alphabets


(ABC Analysis or Pareto Analysis or 80/20 Rule) or
(Activity Based Costing- ABC)
(Anecdotes in Management)
(Anger Management)
(Articles, blogs and knols of Shyam Bhatawdekar: Home Page)
(A to Z of Management Systems)
(A to Z of Quality Techniques)


(Balanced Scorecard)
(Behavioral Safety)
(Body Language or Non-verbal Communication)
(Books- Best Management Books)
(Branding- Personal/Professional Branding) or
(Business Ethics and Ethics in Management)
(Business Process Reengineering- BPR)


(Career Planning within Organizations)

(Case Method)
(CEO Roles, Qualities and Competencies)
(Change Management)
(Children’s Behavior Problems: Family Management)
(Competencies- Life Management)
(Competencies: Long Article)
(Competency Matrix/Competency Mapping: Success by Building Competencies/Skills)
(Competency Matrix)
(Conflict Management)
(Corporate Governance)
(Cost Management)
(Cost of Quality- COQ)
(Counseling at Workplace)
(Counseling: Psychological)
(Creativity- Out of Box Articles)
(Creativity and Innovation)
(Critical Thinking skills)
(Cross Cultural Etiquette and Manners) Orientation)
(Customer Relationship management- CRM)


(Daily Management)
(Decision Making)
(Design for Manufacture)
(Dining Etiquette and Table Manners)
(Discipline at Work)


(Effectiveness and Efficiency)
(Effectiveness Management: HSoftware)
(Effectiveness Management: HSoftware- Long Article)
(Email Etiquette)
(Emotional Intelligence)
(Enterprise Resource Planning- ERP)
(Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneur) Etiquette and Manners)
(Exit Interview)


(Financial Ratios and Financial Ratio Analysis)
(Financial Services)
(Functions of Management)


(General Counseling)
(Gemba Kaizen)
(General Knowledge Management- GK)
(General Knowledge Management- Top 5/Top 10 of Everything)
(Genuine Professional- Long Article)
(Global Mindset)
(Goal/Target Setting)
(Good Boss)
(Great Professional)
(Group Discussion)
(Group Discussion for Job Seekers and Students) Dynamics)


(Health and Safety Management)
(Health Management- Cholesterol Control)
(Health Management- Homeopathy)
(Health Management- Exercises)
(Health Management- Quit Smoking)
(Health management- Swine Flu and Its Prevention) Management- Walking)
(How to Be a Good Boss?)
(How to Get Promoted?)
(How to Save Money?)
(How to Save Money?- Long Comprehensive Article)
(HR Dynamics)
(HR Strategies and Functions)
(Human Capital Architecture)
(Human Relations)
(Human Resource Management- Comprehensive Coverage of HRM)
(Human Resource Planning)
(Human Software- HSoftware)


(I Am Liberated- Life Management)
(I Am OK, You Are OK)
(Impression Management)
(Internal Motivation or Self Motivation) Relations)
(Interview Skills)
(Interview Preparation for Job Seekers) Questions)


(Just in Time Management- JIT)


(Knowledge Management)


(Lead Time Management)
(Lean Enterprise)
(Learning Organization)
(Life Management: Latest HSoftware Model)
(Life Management: Competencies)
(Life Management: Effectiveness Management: HSoftware)
(Life Management- I Am Liberated; Freedom from Shackles and Burdens)
(Life management: I Am Liberated)
(Life Management: Success in Life)
(Life Management: My Exotic Dream: World Peace and Other Good Things of Life)

(Life Positions and OKness)
(Life Skills)


(Management Anecdotes)
(Management Book- Best Books)
(Managing Life- Freedom from Shackles and Burdens)
(Management in Life, Profession, Family and Society)
(Management Information System- MIS)
(Managing/conducting Meetings)
(Marginal Utility)
(Marketing Management Overview) Orientation)
(Marketing Management Tasks)
(Market research)
(Market Segmentation)
(Money Management: How to Save Money)
(Money Management: How to Save Money- Long Comprehensive Article)


(Negotiation Skills)
(Negotiation Tactics)
(Non-verbal Communication or Body Language)


(Objection Handling)
(Opportunities in Recession)

(OKness or Life Positions)
(Organization Development- OD) Culture)
(Out of Box Ideas)
(Ownership on Job)


(Paradigm and Paradigm Shift)
(Parental Responsibilities- family management)
(Pareto Analysis or ABC Analysis or 80/20 Analysis) or
(Performance Management and Appraisal)
(Positive Strokes)
(Presentation Skills)
(Problem Solving)
(Product Knowledge: Home Page for All Products)
(Product Knowledge- Cars)
(Product Knowledge- Chocolates)
(Product Knowledge- Flowers)
(Product Knowledge- Greeting Cards)
(Product Knowledge- Cell Phones)
(Professional Branding) or
(Personal Branding) or
(Professional- Genuine Professional)
(Profit Improvement)
(Project Management)
(Psychological Counseling)
(Psychological Strokes)


(Qualities of CEO)
(Quality Circles History)
(Quality Circles)
(Quality Function Deployment- QFD and House of Quality)
(Quality Gurus)


(Recession: How to Avert Recession, How to Combat Recession and Then, How to Move Ahead?)
(Recession Management)
(Recession: Opportunities in Recession)

(Recruitment and Selection)
(Research Methodology)


(Safety and Health Management) Process)
(Sales Promotion)
(Save Money)
(Save Money)
(Self-awareness: Getting Introduced to Self) 
(Self Development)
(Self Motivation or Internal Motivation)
(Shyam Bhatawdekar's articles, blogs and knols: Home Page)
(Shyam Bhatawdekar's Effectiveness Model- HSoftware), and
(Six Sigma)
(Six Thinking Hats)
(Soft Skills)
(Spiritual Quotient/Intelligence)
(Strategic Management)
(Stress Management)
(Stress Management: Stress Freedom: Long Comprehensive Article)
(Success in Life: Life Management)
(Supply Chain Management)
(Supply and Demand)
(Swine Flu and Its Prevention: Health Management)


(Talent Management)
(Team Building)
(Telephone Etiquette)
(Three Sixty Degrees Appraisal System) Management)
(Total Productive Maintenance- TPM) Quality Management- TQM)
(Training and Development)
(Training Games)
(Trainers’ Qualities)
(Training of Trainers- Comprehensive at One Place)
(Transaction Analysis- TA)
(Tourism Management- India)
(Tourism Management- World)
(Tourism Management- World Heritage Sites)
(TRIZ: Inventive Problem Solving)


(Value Engineering/Analysis)


(Winners and Losers)
(World Class Manufacturing)
(World Heritage Sites: Tourism Management)
(Writings of Shyam Bhatawdekar on Management) Communication)


(Zero Based Budgeting)

And Now the Non-management Topics
Novels and Stories

Novel "Good People"
Funny (and Not So Funny) Short Stories
Stories Children Will Love

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